IP Transit
What is IP Transit?
With IP Transit, you can access the internet wherever we are present (other locations are also possible depending on availability). You have the choice between static routing and dynamic routing using the BGP protocol (full view or default route). Forget about peak-hour problems due to backbone overloads. We manage the network to provide the best route with minimal delay on one hand and to balance traffic loads on the backbones on the other hand.
No backbone overloads
At least two geo-reserved fibers at each point of presence
Automated traffic redirection and balancing in case of fiber breakage
Direct peering with major internet providers and content providers.
Presence at major traffic exchange points
The service is offered in major data processing centers, the number of which is constantly growing.
On-demand service can be provided in off-net data centers within the region.
Available as both dynamic and static routing
Blackhole community is available, of course
DDoS protection can be activated upon request.
24/7 network monitoring
Network availability
Packet loss
Intra-European delay
Transatlantic delay
10 min
Ticket response time