Discover a world of uninterrupted communication with our advanced features
Multiple Locations
Access in different locations ensures reliable and high-quality connections, especially useful for organizations with distributed offices or data.
Flexible Speeds
The ability to choose different speeds allows you to tailor the network to specific needs, which can be useful for companies with varying bandwidth requirements.
Custom Options
Features such as QinQ and Jumbo Frames provide control over data and their flow, useful for configuring the network according to unique requirements.
New possibilities with our solutions
Point-to-Point VLAN
Transparent and secure connectivity between offices and data centers ensures high-speed and reliable data transmission.
VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service)
Combining all sites into a single private LAN with L2 transparency can greatly simplify network management and provide cost savings.
L3VPN (Layer 3 Virtual Private Network)
L3VPN options offer broader connectivity possibilities, including point-to-point and fully connected networks, which are useful for organizations with diverse needs.
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